Dental Virtual Assistants!

Dental Virtual Assistants!


Our Dental Virtual Assistants are all healthcare professionals that are given extensive training and are all HIPPA certified.

We not only provide them with a extensive online training course designed to help them integrate into your practice but we also deliver a hands on training approach to make sure that all of our Virtual Assistants excel in customer service. We know that your customers are important to
you, therefore they are important to us.

Our company’s goal is to help your practice provide the best patient care and enable you to treat more patients. We have seen in our current practices that doctors are able to see 4-5 more patients daily with the help of our virtual assistants. We do this by helping practices overcome the obstacle of the shortage in team members.

Are you having difficulty hiring & retaining staff?
Are your doctors stressed with no time to type medical notes?

No matter when or where you provide patient care you deserve a state of the art solution for medical documentation and customer service. SaiberDent offers a cutting edge solution and support so you can focus more on optimum patient care. With flexible hours, and options you can find the right solution for you and your practice.

Virtual Dental Assistant Tasks

  • Insurance authorization
  • Billing and revenue management
  • Claim submission
  • Educate patients about procedures and physician instructions
  • Phone calls and messages

  • Triage patients over the phone
  • Prepare charts
  • Transcribe patient notes and records
  • Patient scheduling

  • Treatment planning