Our Team

Sree Reddy, DVM

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sree Reddy graduated from veterinary school in 1997 and obtained his Masters’ Degree in 2000. He has been practicing veterinary medicine since 2000 and moved to Florida in 2004. He is passionate about holistic medicine, acupuncture, laser therapy, and laparoscopy. Since 2009, he has been doing single-port laparoscopy procedures. He was one of the few veterinarians to perform this procedure and has done it more than 600 times. Dr. Reddy believes in treating every sick pet the same day they walk into the doors of Seven Oaks.

Over the years, Dr. Reddy has trained many technicians that have continued on their studies to become veterinarians. He takes pride in mentorship, and always takes an opportunity to teach when he has the time. He transformed Seven Oaks from a regular veterinary clinic, into an Advanced General Practice that offers ultrasounds, very invasive same-day surgeries, acupuncture and laser therapy, holistic medicine practices, radiology, exotics, dental care, anti-venom treatment, and much more!

With all the growth in his practice, Dr Reddy created SaiberVet in October 2020. He wanted to create a company that would support his Doctors and his staff by completing daily admin tasks, answer phone calls and overall reliable continued support staff for his team. With the creation of SaiberVet he and his team now get to finish their days on time and spend more time with their family and friends.

In his free time, Dr. Reddy enjoys reading, listening to music, playing golf, and spending time with his dog Zeus. He also loves traveling to historical places around the world.

Mahathi Reddy, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Mahathi Reddy is a nephrologist in practice for the past 12 years in the Tampa Bay area.

She joined SaiberMD as Chief Medical Officer of the company and has been involved in the development of the program from the outset. She brings with her the knowledge of being a private practitioner, understanding the nuances of running a clinic and the challenges that physicians face daily.

Dr. Reddy currently holds several positions across the greater Tampa Bay area, including President Elect of Morton Plant Northbay Hospital, Chair of BayCare Nephrology Collaborative, Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency program at HCA FL Trinity Hospital, and was recently awarded the Distinguished Physician Leadership Award by Morton Plant Mease Foundation. Her experience in various leadership roles across health systems allows her to provide essential medical oversight in the administrative proceedings of SaiberMD.

The mission of the company aligns with her own personal beliefs that physicians need to ease the burden of administrative tasks and documentation to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Dr. Reddy believes SaiberMD is an invaluable tool for physicians that can help reduce workload, thus allowing more time to focus on quality patient-care and lessen mental fatigue.

Sandhya Boyapalle, DVM, PHD

Managing Director

Sandhya received in Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1997 and received her Ph.D. in Microbiology from Iowa State University in 2005. She is the author of numerous research articles and publications with a specialization in infectious diseases.

She was a post-doctorate fellow from 2005-2008 at the Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute and has been a faculty member for the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida since 2016. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and her dog, Zeus.

PJ Meredith

Chief Operating Officer

PJ Meredith is the Chief Operating Officer of SaiberVet. She began her career in veterinary medicine in 2008 when she was hired by Dr Reddy to work in his practice. Throughout the years she worked to develop her skills and increase her knowledge and ultimately became the practice manager of multiple successful veterinary practices. PJ also has extensive sales knowledge and customer service experience attained from her real estate career from 2012 to 2021.

PJ has been the COO of SaiberVet since its inception in 2021 and uses her knowledge in both veterinary medicine and customer service to help grow the company and assist all of our clients and enable them to have a better work life balance.

Pj is also a board member of a local non-profit that strives to aid all pet owners with emergency funds for veterinary care. She believes that all pets deserve the best medical care possible and financing should not prevent lifesaving treatment. Her empathy for animals has always been a driving force in her life and now that she is our COO she wants to strive to make not only pets lives better, but the doctors that take care of them. She has learnt first-hand how stressful and emotional the veterinary field can be and wants to do what she can to help.

Guadelupe Cortes

Director of Wealth & Management

Guadelupe Cortes is our Director of Wealth Management. She is a certified accounting and financial specialist. She began her career in accounting operations in 2013 and has since gained knowledge and experience in a variety of businesses while continuing her education path. She has a passion for working with clients to help them acquire, develop and manage their assets. She is also a mom to three boys and a Shih-Tzu. On her days off she likes to spend time with family and travel.

Her mission is to provide professional, courteous, and quality service for all our clients.

Mackenzie Molenda-Rudis

Director of Medical Operations

Mackenzie Molenda-Rudis is the Business Development Manager for SaiberMD. She has worked in customer service since 2010 and entered the medical field in 2018. She moved from northern Illinois to the Tampa Bay area in 2022. She is a patient-focused employee and is always eager to educate patients and staff on any questions they may have. Throughout her career, she has worked with multiple clinics, with clinical and non-clinical staff to implement change and conduct training of new hires in all areas of the medical field. In doing so, she has increased her training skills and also her knowledge of how a medical practice should be structured for overall patient care and processes to run smoothly. In her free time, she enjoys exploring with her husky, Capone, and traveling around the world to learn about new cultures.

Working alongside the SaiberMD team, with the implementation of new training protocols, her goal is to thoroughly educate and guide our Virtual Assistants to ensure they can effectively increase office productivity, by reducing the workload of physicians and staff and improving patient satisfaction.

Melton Desales DVM

Training & Implementation Specialist

Dr. Melton is a Scribe Trainer at SaiberAssist. He obtained a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from The University of the Philippines Los Baños. Having previously served as a veterinary technician and resident veterinarian in the Philippines, Dr. Melton has consistently delivered exceptional care and service to both beloved pets and their owners.

His goal is to provide comprehensive training and support to aspiring virtual assistants. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his dog, Winry, and traveling.

Marie Grant

Training Supervisor

Marie is a training supervisor of SaiberAssist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and actively engaged with the Red Cross, participating in various initiatives such as Blood Drives and Disaster Relief Services.

Over the years, Marie has held several positions in different industries. She has been an instructor specializing in IELTS, TOEFL, OET, Medicine, and Nursing. Her career journey extends beyond the field of education as she worked as a Market Researcher, liaising with clients to negotiate and agree on research projects and results.

Her goal is to mentor the next generation of proficient medical assistants in order to provide excellent service for all clients and propel the company’s growth. Outside of work, Marie indulges in freelance work as a voiceover artist, and she has a passion for animals. Her family has two dogs named Chop and Moses, as well as six pet tarantulas.

Michelle “Mish” Generale

Hiring Manager

Michelle “Mish” Generale is a dedicated professional currently serving as the Hiring Manager at SaiberAssist. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Mish brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and diverse professional experiences to her role. Alongside her nursing career at a reputable hospital, Mish has successfully navigated roles as a Communications and Product Trainer, Senior Recruiter, and Medical VA Team Lead.

Actively engaged in personal and professional development, Mish is a proud member of Toastmasters International, honing her communication and leadership skills. Beyond her career, she has recently delved into the world of sports, finding enjoyment and engagement in football.

Driven by a passion for creating opportunities, Mish’s current goal is to provide aspiring individuals a pathway to kickstart their careers in the realm of Virtual Assistance. Her wealth of experience, both clinically and professionally, positions her as a mentor and advocate for those entering the dynamic field.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Mish is a devoted dog lover, sharing her home with three loving companions. Notably, one of her furry friends holds a special place in her heart as a rescue from a typhoon, embodying Mish’s compassionate and caring nature both in and outside the workplace.

Antonette Wycoco

Marketing & Admin Assistant

Antonette is a marketing/admin assistant at SaiberAssist. She is a registered nurse in the Philippines holding a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and education units in Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in Science.

Her professional journey has been diverse, transitioning from nursing roles in a hospital and office to becoming a passionate educator for both local and foreign students. In addition to healthcare and education, she has ventured into online business and marketing, specializing in social media marketing and website building. Outside of work, she finds joy in singing and sharing her home with her beloved dogs – Snoopy, Willow, Coco and Brownie.

She brings a unique blend of healthcare expertise, educational background, and digital marketing skills to contribute to the success of the company. Her goal is to enhance our brand presence and improve administrative efficiency, leveraging her skills to make a meaningful impact on our journey toward success.

Aksheta Kanuganti


Aksheta Kanuganti, originally from Tampa, FL, is a Biomedical Engineering and Music student at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. She has worked as a veterinary receptionist and has held many clinical and basic science research internships at the University of South Florida (USF), Moffitt Cancer Center, and the Veterans Affairs Hospital.

Furthermore, she volunteers her time in palliative and hospice care hospitals to support patients through end of life care and works in patient support corps to help patients feel more prepared for their doctor visits. She is a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) and hopes to go to medical school once she graduates. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her dog Zeus, and dancing for her college bollywood dance team.

As a future healthcare professional, she believes that this company can revolutionize the healthcare industry by making a physician’s life easier.

Anahita Kodali


Anahita is an undergraduate in Dartmouth College’s Class of 2023. She is double majoring in Biology and Women’s, Gender, Sexuality studies. Anahita conducts research in chemical epidemiology, is an executive in a global non-profit working to address physician burnout through exercise, and is the publishing chair for an online science journal.

Upon graduation from Dartmouth, she will work as a consultant at the management consulting firm Oliver Wyman before applying to medical school. She is excited to join this team because she believes that virtual medical assistants can alleviate physician burnout and make medical practices more productive. In her free time, Anahita enjoys reading and going on long walks.