Veterinary Virtual Assistants!

Veterinary Virtual Assistants!



SaiberVet offers virtual medical assistants that will aid you in completing all of your daily tasks more efficiently. All of our virtual assistants are medical degree holders based in the Philippines and are all HIPAA certified.

Our virtual assistants complete training courses designed by our team of experts in optimizing patient care and work life balance. They will allow you to spend more time with your clients but also assist you with all of your administrative needs.

Are you having difficulty hiring & retaining staff?

Are your doctors stressed with no time to type medical notes?

No matter when or where you provide patient care you deserve a state of the art solution for medical documentation and customer service. SaiberVet offers a cutting edge solution and support so you can focus more on optimum patient care. With flexible hours, and options you can find the right solution for you and your practice.

These are just a few of the daily tasks

Our Virtual Assistants can help you with

Virtual Receptionist

  • Client Calls

  • Follow Ups
  • Confirmations
  • Reminders
  • Emails
  • Quality Customer Service

Virtual Scribe

  • Transcribe Patient Records
  • Create Estimates
  • Customized Patient Treatment Plans

We promise SaiberVet will alleviate your paperwork and free up your time to spend with your clients and patients.