If your medical office is lacking in efficiency, or if your staff is struggling with burnout, it may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant. Today, virtual assistants are an effective, affordable option to help medical practices run more smoothly, all while improving the quality of patient care. 

A virtual assistant can complete an extensive range of tasks for your practice, including:

Patient Calls and Emails

Consistently corresponding with your patients is a challenge when you’re actively providing medical care. A virtual assistant can help you focus on each patient during their appointment by taking care of calls and emails. This will help you provide high-quality in-person care while keeping in touch with your patients when they’re not in the office. 

Follow-Ups, Confirmations, and Reminders

Follow-ups, confirmations, and reminders all help with patient retention and avoid wasted appointment slots. A virtual assistant can seamlessly complete these tasks for optimized patient care. 

Medical Note-Taking

A virtual scribe can take all of your medical notes during appointments. This can help you attain more detailed, accurate notes while sparing you from having to multitask. Additionally, with a virtual assistant to take notes for you, your patients will receive more attentive care. 

Customized Treatment Plans

After taking detailed notes during your appointments, a virtual assistant can create customized treatment plans for your patients. This will save you valuable time while ensuring that all of your patients receive a detailed, customized treatment plan. 


A virtual assistant can streamline your practice’s billing process. With an assistant to take over this task, you’ll have the support you need for accurate, efficient billing. 

Lab Call Backs

Managing communication between labs and patients is often a time-consuming task for practitioners. Virtual assistants can contact clients to go over lab results and call to schedule additional testing that the physician requires. This ensures that patients get the support that they need to understand their lab test results – without taking time out of your schedule. 

At SaiberVet, we’re committed to creating more time in your schedule to spend with your patients, all while helping you (and your staff) achieve a greater work-life balance. Contact us today to learn more about our trained virtual medical assistants.